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Sergio & Lisa Rossi

Husband & wife owners & operators of "Real Life Fitness".  


Sergio has worked in the fitness industry for 16 years. He is well known in Newcastle for his high energy classes and is well regarded as one of the best Cycle instructors around. Coming from a racing backround he competed in the Master Games in Queensland ranking in the top 10 of his division. He is highly regarded as a personal trainer due to his caring nature and friendly personality and has a wealth of knowledge to help anyone achieve their desired goals. Apart from his well known Cycle classes, Sergio also teaches Boxing, Functional Training classes & many more. His marketing background can be seen throughout Real Life Fitness collateral.

Lisa has worked in the fitness industry for 32 years and is well respected throughout Newcastle. Her Step classes and choreographed aerobic classes are well known amongst her peer instructors and participants. Her infectious laugh can be heard from afar which makes everyone around her feel happy. Her caring nature has seen her form strong bonds with all her Personal Training clients. 

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