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Sergio and Lisa,

I just want to say Thank you for changing my life for the better. Coming to to your gym is amazing and inspirational. I was so nervous at first coming to the gym for the first time as I didn’t know what to expect. Straight away you both made me feel welcome. It was great too because when my son was doing a kids gym class up stairs I could  work out downstairs. Serge you helped me with a fitness plan and I was on my way to getting fit. I had a lot of weight to lose and I started personal training sessions with you Lisa. It was so amazing and you encouraged and inspired me to become a more confident and fitter person. I lost 30kg with your help and support. I couldn’t of done that myself. I’m still going to the gym now doing functional classes to maintain the weight and also to keep fit. You both are down to earth awesome people that have a great fun gym.


Thank you again


Both Leanne, Tom and myself want to thank you both for running the friendliest and best Gym we have had anything to do with. We like the fact that Tom is welcomed with open arms by both of you and all of the members, this enables Tom to feel comfortable using the machines on his own on Thursday nights while I participate in the keep calm and stretch class. This is due to the gym family culture that you both have created with the members. Tom's doctor commented at his last health plan review that since going to the Gym and doing his weekly PT sessions with Sergio that he has lost over 10kg and his health has improved greatly. We have also found that since Tom has been working with Sergio and Lisa, being weighed and measured regularly he has lost weight and centimeters and makes better choices with food and is healthier and happier.



Bob, Leanne and Tom.

I would like to say thank you to Lisa & Sergio from Real Life Fitness who after three years of suffering with my ITB injury have guided me back to full health, something that numerous visits to various health professionals failed to achieve.

Thank you both greatly.

- Barbara McMaster

You can go along to some gyms where after a while everything becomes just a little bit the same and eventually pretty boring. Not so good when you need to keep your motivation up to achieve your goals. But that's not how it is at Real Life Fitness. I've been going to Real Life Fitness now for almost a year and Lisa and Sergio manage to mix it up and make it different for their members every day. That's great for your motivation and great for your fitness. And it's not just the long-term clients they're looking out for.

Sergio and Lisa keep en eye on their new members to make sure they're feeling comfortable and they always get around to everyone throughout the session to make sure they're keeping their levels up.

It makes a real difference when the owners of a business are there looking after things and Sergio and Lisa never miss a day. They've always got a smile on their face and a personal greeting for you whatever time of the day.

Get along to Real Life Fitness if you want to achieve your fitness goals in a friendly, upbeat and motivational environment.

- Scott Sharpe

If you are looking to start your fitness journey, there is no better team or place than Sergio and Lisa at Real Life Fitness. To have 2 people helping you towards your goal, no matter what it may be, makes the difference as you are motivated and supported to continue.

They know each member by name, and in the modern era, is a rarity. We aren’t just numbers here at Real Life, they treat us like family.

It takes courage, dedication and determination to follow a dream, and you cannot fault what they have put into this “baby” of theirs.

From the brand new, well maintained and clean equipment, to classes that are never the same, always changing it up and not manufactured by a corporate brand that is very repetitive.

They offer something for everyone. My kids attend the RockStal kids’ classes both privately and through their OOSH, my husband has a program written by Sergio that he follows between his shift work, and I love the classes, especially Full Throttle and Step, as well as have personal training sessions. I still believe that Lisa is the tougher of the two when it comes to running classes, but don’t tell Sergio that!

To exercise is one thing, but to make friendships that turn to family, and really look forward to getting into the gym at 5.30am makes this the facility you want to be at. If you look up #gymfamily on Facebook or Instagram, you will see so many photos and posts about Real Life Fitness all by us, the members, because we love the place and the people in it.

You will not find a more comfortable atmosphere in a gym anywhere in Newcastle, no pretense, no body shaming, and definitely no one flexing or kissing muscles in the mirrors here.

Both the owners and members are genuine, supportive and great people.

There is no other gym like Real Life Fitness. And none of the others can come close to what these guys have done. Lisa and Sergio have done an amazing job with this community they have built, they deserve all the success in the world.

Come in and try it out for yourself! See what we are all raving about!

- Bec Sweeney

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